Type of Solutions

BridgeCRM can be used to create solutions for your organisation in 2 ways:

1. Custom Solution

A new solution based on your requirements can be created utilising the existing functionality of the BridgeCRM framework.

  • Lower cost and quicker development than building from scratch.
  • Commercially supported platform.
  • Receive ongoing framework updates and enhancements.

2. Enhance Existing Solution

Use an existing ready to go solution for your sector.

  • No need to develop an application from scratch.
  • Quick implantation timeframe.
  • Existing product can be used as is or modified to include organisation requirements.
  • Receive ongoing framework and product updates and enhancements.

Existing Functionality

Read more information about the BridgeCRM functionality and implementations here:

System Requirements

1. Server Hosting

BridgeCRM has been developed using Microsoft ASP.NET MVC 5. The following are currently the minimum hosting environment: OS

  • Microsoft Windows Server with Internet Information Services (IIS) - v7 or greater.
  • Microsoft SQL Server - 2008R2 or greater.
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1.

2. Client Browser

BridgeCRM utilises the latest web browser technology and requires JavaScript to be enabled. While every effort is made to ensure compatibility for both desktop and mobile browsers the following are the minimum requirements to support most functionality. Browsers

  • Chrome - 21 or greater.
  • Firefox - 24 / ESR or greater.
  • Internet Explorer - 7 or greater.
  • Opera - 15 or greater.
  • OS X Safari - 5 or greater.