Platypus Systems Pty Ltd ("Platypus Systems") has been developing high quality customised computer applications and information management systems since 1997. Platypus Systems, based in Victoria, specialise in creating systems for the human services sector.

Over the years it became apparent that organisations wanted very similar sets of information to be collected, so instead of ‘reinventing the wheel’, Platypus Systems decided to produce a general framework which incorporated features which were commonly sought, whilst making the cost more accessible to all organisations.

The framework, BridgeCRM, is the result of many years of experience and development.

Our Philosophy

  • Appreciate that each business has its own unique requirements.
  • Provide quality IT solutions designed in consultation with the client.
  • Ensure the client's needs are met to their satisfaction.
  • Guarantee to meet agreed deadlines and budgets.
  • Ensure our IT solutions are easy to understand and use.