Alcohol and Other Drugs


This solution has been designed specifically for the AOD / Mental Health sector with over 15 years local experience in this field.

Key Features

  • Collect both episode specific details as well as shared details to avoid duplication and streamline sharing of latest client information
  • Instantly monitor reminders, waiting lists and case statistics
  • Single point for data entry, integrating data collection such as ADIS / MDS data
  • Easily report on collected data (e.g. funding applications, research) using in-built reports and external analysis tools

Standard Data Collection

Utilise existing data collection in the following areas or customise to match your own intake, screening, assessment and treatment procedures.

  • Client
    • Alerts
    • Contacts
    • Contact Log
    • Notes
    • Support Services
  • Adult Initial Screening for Alcohol and other Drug Problems
    • About You
    • Some More Information About You
    • Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT)
    • Alcohol, Smoking and Substance Involvement Screening Test (ASSIST)
    • Drug Use Disorders Identification Test (DUDIT)
    • Kessler Psychological Distress Scale (K10)
  • Adult AOD Comprehensive Assessment
    • Alcohol and other Drugs
    • Medical History
    • Mental Health
    • Risk
    • Psychosocial
  • Adult AOD Optional Assessment Modules
    • Modified Mini Screen (Modifed Mini)
    • PsyCheck Self Reporting Questionnaire (PsyCheck SRQ)
    • World Health Organization Quality of Life BREF (WHOQOL-BREF)
    • Canadian Problem Gambling Index (CPGI)
    • Client Goals
    • Client Strengths
    • Significant Other Survey (SOS)
  • Other
    • Care Plan
    • ADIS Data Export
    • Document Management
    • Dashboard
    • Reporting
    • Waiting List

Sample Screenshots


Client Support Service

Adult Initial Screening

Screening Support Screening ASSIST

Adult AOD Compreshensive Assessment

Asessment AOD Use History Asessment Medical Health Condition

Adult AOD Optional Assessment Modules.

Module Mod Mini Module Client Goals


Dashboard ADIS