Solution Benefits

Web Based Solution

  • Hosted internally or externally in a traditional or cloud environment.
  • Easy deployment to staff or remote sites.
  • Access via a wide variety of devices such as desktop computers and tablets.

Data Storage

  • Data is stored in an open SQL relational database.
  • Directly extract and report on the data using external programs such as SPS or Crystal Reports.
  • Flexible data structures assist with loading existing data.

Key Features

List Data

  • Where appropriate, standard lists have been sourced from organisations such as Australian Bureau of Statistics and Australia Post.
  • Key list data can be self-maintained with the ability to sort the display data as well as make existing entries 'not active' while maintaining historical results.
List Data

Browser Styling / Screen Layout

  • Graceful degradation allows users with modern browsers to get the best user experience while degrading gracefully to a lower level for use in older browsers.
  • Screen fields re-position depending on the screen size. This ensures the maximum space is used regardless of the device.

Layout Before Layout After

User Defined Help Topics

  • Allows organisations to document procedures directly within the system.
  • Document(s) can be created and managed externally and linked in BridgeCRM.
  • Control access to documents based on users groups.

User Defined Tool Tips

  • Allows organisations to document field definitions and usage directly within the system.

Tool Tip

Document Management

  • Allows external file(s) to be stored and linked directly to the relevant area.
  • File(s) can be either uploaded or obtained from a central shared network drive.


User Access / Group Permissions

  • Users can be created with in-built or Active Directory authentication.
  • Control user access by defining user groups and permission groups.
  • Only the area users have access to appear on the screen.

Group Permission

Email / SMS

  • Generate communication via email / SMS as a single message or bulk via a template merger.
  • Automatically archive communication within the document management.